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Refined Provo Canyon Bridals

If you have ever been to Utah, you know the pride and joy of the state resides in its mountains! Many people travel from far and wide to see these majestic creatures. The wedding industry is no different. Many brides choose to have the natural background of the lush forests and magic mountain air for their photos. In this special shoot, we wanted to capture the essence of a refined fall palette. I took inspiration from the changing colors and the natural beauty of the surroundings. I wanted to make sure I was adding to the atmosphere in a natural and organic way. This is still one of my favorite bouquets I've created.

You wouldn't be able to tell but this shoot was FREEZING. It was a 20 minute hike to get to this beautiful location and not to mention below freezing. I forgot gloves so my red hands could only hold these pillars for a fews minutes. I used chicken wire as the backbone of this installation and with every step, it would get more and more uncomfortable. After a couple trips back and forth from my car, we made this shoot a possibility. Besides the cold, I will always remember this shoot as a one of my favorites because of the good people and what we were able to create.

Photo credit: Ashley Teresa Photography

Model: Dieumerci

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