Frequently Asked Questions

Chances are this is the first time you've planned a wedding! I hope this guide will answer some of your questions about how to budget and plan for floral arrangements.

How much should I expect to spend on flowers for my wedding?

Typically brides spend $2,000 -$15,00 on wedding flowers.

A quick guide is to budget about 20% of your overall budget for wedding flowers and if you are wanting the flowers to stand as the main decor, about 30% of the overall budget should be allocated to your wedding florals.


Why do flowers cost so much?

When you hire a wedding florist, it's not only the flowers you are paying for, it is the years of training, hours of preparation, the cost of wholesale flowers, keeping the flowers fresh, and design expertise. 

Growing flowers is an art that takes time and care. When available, we at Terra Flora source flowers from local growers across the valley but when this is not possible, flowers are sourced from around the world.


Why do I need a wedding florist?

If you want wedding planning to be as stress-free and fun as possible, hiring a wedding florist is the best way to do so. Let me break down the logistics of wedding flowers. In order to purchase flowers from the wholesaler, you need a business license. Prepping for flowers takes 3-4 days before the wedding and there are many hours that go into design and preparation. When you hire a professional florist, you don't have to worry about any of the preparation, design, or ordering. A florist has the skills and training needed to bring your vision to life.


How do I book you?

First, make sure my designs fit your vision and preference! It's important to make your decision based on style choice and not just which florist fits your budget. 

Second, fill out an inquiry form! Get as specific as you can so I can understand what you are looking for. Within the next 24-48 hrs, I'll respond via email.

Third, we'll set up a consultation to go over details and plans. A contract will be sent after we finalize an invoice and then once the deposit is paid, your date will be saved in my calendar!